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Shallow Sterilizer (Dressing Drum)

Shallow Sterilizer (Dressing Drum)

Description :

  • Made of  Stainless Steel 304 / 316 grade
  • Sterilizing drums used for sterilizing and storing various types of dressings, instruments and surgical requisites
  • Sets of perforation on drum body
  • Slotted belt with clamp for loosening or tightening of belt to open or close the perforations on the body
  • The clip when clamped will keep the belt in fair tension
  • Available in


SI-7221225mm x 225mm
SI-7222275mm x 225mm
SI-7223275mm x 125mm
SI-7224350mm x 240mm
SI-7225350mm x 125mm
SI-7226375mm x 300mm