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Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

Items Name
  1. Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer Double Door
  2. Fully Automatic Horizontal High Speed steam sterilizer double door
  3. E.T.O. Sterilizer
  4. Washer Disinfector
  5. Ultrasonic Cleaning system
  6. Automatic Heat Sealing Machine
  7. Double Sink with Platform/SS Clean up counter
  8. Air Gun & Water Gun
  9. Work Table
  10. Control Packing Table & Two Side Drawers with two shelf rack 
  11. Equipment Placement Table SS
  12. Floor Mounted Storage Rack SS
  13. Pass Box SS
  14. Closed Transport Trolley S.S. Green Strips for sterile goods
  15. Closed Transport Trolley S.S. Red Strips Non-Sterile Goods
  16. Gauze Cutting Machine
  17. Sterilization Box, Perforated with Lid & Lock S.S.
  18. CSSD Tray (Perforated Tray) 
  19. CSSD Sterilization Tray (Grid Tray)
  20. RO Plant 100 LPH with storage 
  21. Desktop computer All in one
  22. Computer Desk with Chair
  23. Sterile Tape Dispenser
  24. Magnifying LED Lamp + Dioptre Magnification
  25. Stainless Steel panelling for sterilizers
  26. Staff chair revolving
  27. Storage cup board
  28. Lab Stool Revolving S.S.
  29. Civil Works includes 
  30. Air Conditioning 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC
  31. Supply & Installation of Electrical Control Panel with required bus bars, switch gears, MCB etc
  32. Plumbing work & Drainage System
  33. Ventilation & Lighting 
  34. Required Dismantling/Demolishing works for construction