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Operation Theatre Table Electro Hydraulic (ST-510600EH)

Technical Specification:ST-510600 EH
Table Top Length including head rest2000mm
Table Top Length including without head rest1500 mm
Table Top Width650mm or more
Upper body Imaging Window>1000mm
Standard Lower body imaging>1000mm
Table Height Adjustment Range690mm – 1080mm
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg25°/25°
Lateral Tilt Left/Right20°/20°
Back Plate upward/downward60° / 30°
Head board folding upward/downward80° / 10°
Leg Plate Upward/Downward0° / 90°
Longitudinal slide300mm
Kidney elevator70mm
Overall approx. Weight>300 Kg
Patient Weight bearing capacity>200 kg or more
Cranial and caudal traversing or longitudinal movement min.200 mm
Total length of the table base>1000 mm
Width of the base>500 mm
Battery backup>5 Hrs
Input voltage –220 V Ac, 50Hz

Operation Theatre Table Electro Hydraulic (ST-510600EH)

Description :

Product code : ST-510600EH

Fully meet the general surgery, heart, kidney, thyroid, head and neck, gallbladder and pleural, Department of urology, Department of Gynaecology, rectum, spine surgical operation requirements etc.

Advantages and Characteristics

  • OT Table Electro-Hydraulic
  • Five section top with Devided foot section
  • The Table has inbuilt standby control enabling full use of table in case of handset failure with manual/electric override Manual hydraulic control system has been located in the table base for adjustment of Height, Lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg and back section adjustment by selecting desired movement & Pressing the foot pedal
  • Table top has x-ray penetration and fluoroscopy with full length Xray cassette tunnel (for 10″ X 12″ film) accessible from either end. Tunnel is inbuilt in the table and not separate.
  • All table positioning, like height, back section adjustment, lateral tilt, Cranial- caudal traversing or longitudinal movement, Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg, lateral horizontal movement are operated through handset and standby control
  • The casings on the frame and center supporting column are made of SS304 stainless steel.
  • Detachable Back section and Split leg section
  • The mattress is radiolucent and of Poly Urethane make and suitable for fluoroscopy. It is fire resistant.
  • The table is mobile base with lockable castors
  • The built in kidney position with manual control by Kidney Bridge for better positioning
  • 0-position (Reset) on hand control unit also
  • In case of a total loss of functionality, it has some foot unlock switch that will release the floor locks and allow removal of the table.
  • The remote control have a clearly labelled control panel for main adjustments such as height, lateral, Trendelenburg /Reverse Trendelenburg, back section return to basic position, reverse mode, an indication of the load control of the batteries.
  • The Control unit has a backlit display and control panel ensuring a safe and easy handling in the darkened operating room when doing minimally invasive surgery.

Standard Accessories :

  • Padded arm rest with straps             : 1 pair with damps
  • Anaesthesia with clamps                    : 1 set
  • Side supports                                           : 1 pair with clamps
  • shoulder supports                                  : 1 pair with clamps
  • Knee crutches                                           : 1 pair with damps
  • X-ray cassettee tray                                : with pushing rod
  • Gel Flat buttom chest roll                    : medium
  • Gel prone positioner (feet)
  • Gel prone head rest (large)                  : 1 No
  • Anti-Trendelenburg restraint strap  : 3 Nos
  • Bolster pillow                                            : 2 Nos
  • Hand surgery table trolley