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Operating Table Hydraulic, Head-End Controlled (ST-510600H)

Operating Table Hydraulic, Head-End Controlled (ST-510600H)

Description :

Product code : ST-510600H

SURGICOIN brings to you sturdy, rugged and ?built to last a life time? operation tables that are designed to meet all the surgical procedures in modern operation theatres using the best available materials and sophisticated designs.

Four/Five section Stainless Steel covered top: Head Rest, Backrest, Kidney Bridge, Trunk & Leg Section (In Single/Double leg configuration)

All positions viz. Height Adjustment, Trendelenburg/Reverse, Both Side Tilt, Proctology and Lithotomy Positions easily achievable, The ST-510600 with advance workmanship and components, Multifuntionality and flexibility, offers Secure-Stable-Efficient performance.

Height adjustment through Foot Operated Double Cylinder Telescopic Hydraulic System.

Supported on a heavy base column with high quality epoxy powder coated sheet mounted on castors lockable with single action brake system

Stainless steel side rails run along the length of the table on both sides to fix the accessories.

Different angles foldable to meet surgeon?s needs in operations!

SupportKidney BridgeManual Handle
Supported on a heavy base covered with stainless steel sheet mounted on castors lockable with single action brake system. Stainless Steel side rails run along the length of the table on both sides to fix the accessories.In built external Kidney elevator. Perennial cut-out with lithotomy leg holder with strapsWith the help of manual handle you can change position of ST-510600 in any direction. Head plate and leg plate can be folded manually.
 Technical Specification:ST 510600H
 Table Top Length1800 mm, Head Section Drawn-in
1900 mm, Head Section Drawn-out
 Table Top Width500 mm
 Table Height700 mm – 1000 mm
 Flex/Reflex90± / 220±
 Reverse Trendelenberg30±
 Head Section (Up/Down)60± / 90±
 Lateral Tilt (Left/Right)20±
 Back Rest Up/Down90± / 30±
 Leg SectionUp 20±
 Leg Section (Detachable) DOWNDown 90±
 Kidney Bridge Lift150 mm lift
 Table Top Rotation360±

Optional Accessories:   Optional Accessories:
  • X-Ray Translucent Top
  • X-Ray Cassette Holder
  • Goepel Type knee Crutches
  • Orthopedic Attachment for lower Limb & Head Surgery
  • Neck Elevator
  • Shoulder Elevator
  • Horse Shoe Type Head Support
  • Mayfield Type Neuro Attachment
  • Drainage tray
  • Backrest Operated by Pneumatic Gas Spring
  • Leg Section Operated by Pneumatic Gas Spring