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Utility and Safety

Utility and Safety

Peripheral Lighting with Dimmer Dimmable X-ray view screen Wall Integrated storage unit Writing Board Pressure Release Dampers Anti-Static & Anti-Skid Flooring Distribution Board.

Peripheral Lighting with Dimmer

Additional set of Recess Mounted lights with ON/OFF and dimmer in built into the ceiling to increase/decrease the light to Surgeons’ requirement. Energy efficient lamps with special blasts, they can offer 1500 lux consistent light throughout the OT. The lamps’ housing is made of MS powder coated with Aluminum extrusion frame for long life.

X-Ray view base with dimmer

Ergonomically designed X-Ray view base for ease and accuracy of viewing the X-Rays. Special blast offers flicker free illumination with dimmer for optimum viewing. Available with feature touch ON/OFF button with multistage of light intensity.

Wall Integrated Storage Unit

Easy storage possibility with wall integrated storage unit. The Zintex panels are transformed to a storage cabinet with the same anti-bacterial paint as in the OT. Covered with clear glass with Magnetic Catcher.

Writing Board

An aid for any writing that may be in the OT. A high finish writing board comes handy at times. It is made of ceramic having magnetic properties and is flushed to the wall of the operating room.

Pressure Release Dampers

They are placed so as to maintain the pressure in the OT. Since the AHU is pumping in a lot of air every minute and the environment is hermetically sealed, they are used to equalize the positive pressure in the OT by opening just for a micro second. Placed at strategic location, so that it is not affected by the opening of the door. Working Range : 5-35 Pa

Anti Static and Anti Skid Flooring

The OT flooring is specially designed keeping in view the equipments used in the OT. Defibrillator, Electro Cautery, Laproscopes etc, if by chance, release any leakage current, absence of proper ground connection may give fetal shocks to the paramedical staff. Thus we use conductive flooring made of epoxy with a copper mesh woven underneath it and it is connected to the ground of the hospital. So any leakage current can safety be transmitted to the underground without harming anybody.

The Anti-Static properties of the flooring attract the suspended particulate matter in the OT environment to its surface and hence reduce the suspended particulate rate.

Distribution Board

All the OT connection are rewired in the distribution board outside the OT. All the conduits and cable pathways pass from the distribution board. So all the electrical maintenance of the OT can be done from here, Any fault, Rewiring or electrical multifunctioning of any kind can be done from the distribution board and so we can limit the entry of electrician and technician from entering high asepsis zone of the OT.

Ceiling Pendent

Ceiling Pendent designed for used OT or ICU. Its closed powder-coated aluminum alloy beam contributes to improved hygiene and maximizes the working area with a hassle free and wire free floor space. Ceiling Pendent designed for used in OT or ICU. High quality bearings make the arms offer wide reach and all-around access to the patient and equipment, Specially around the back of the bed and the patient’s head.

Available in single arm or double arm configuration with manual or motorized console and power sockets and gas outlets as per user choice.