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Ease of Operation

Ease of Operation

Centralized Control Panel Plenum for consistent air & light dispersion Automatic Door, Automatic scrub sink, Shadowless Operating Light, Motorized Operating Table, Free OT Floor Ceiling Pendent.

Control Panel

The SURGICOIN Multi-tile Control Panel gives you to access to all the OT controls at your fingertips. Developed and built with superior technology for reliability and aesthetics makes it gel well with the modern OT environment. Standard controls include a Real Time Clock, an Elapsed Time Clock to keep account of time since the start of an Operation, Integrated Telephone with handsfree control feature, Lishting control for Peripheral Lights and Plenum light with separate dimmer for all, display of Relative Humidity and Present Temperature and Low pressure alarm for Medical gasses into the OT.

Some more features such as HEPA Filter Status. Control and display of Pressure and Humidity are some optional features.

A Distribution Board is mounted outside the OT for maintenance of Electrical components.

Plenum for consistent air and light dispersion

The plenum is situated just above the sterile field and helps in keeping it so. The AHU ducts are situated above the plenum along with the light source. The plenum is covered with a special stretchable nylon cloth which has an inherent capability to disperse the light and air to all directions equally. We can be sure to maintain a minimum light intensity of 1500 lux to the length and breadth of the OT. Air is too disperised in all directions in order to maintain a uniform temperature.

Automatic / Manual Door

Touch free Entry-Exit is what a surgeon prefers once he is ready after scrubbing. The Automatic Door can sense the presence of a person and opens automatically, smoothly and quietly. Equipped with a sensor and radar controlled motor with sense-and-roll-back motion sensor. A SWIFT manual door can be an economical option.
Small window is provided at eye level. The door is made of Machine Pressed Stainless Steel or Aluminum with Poly-Urethane Puffing in between for strength and sound proofing. Mounted on Aluminum Extrusion and silicon Moulded hermetic sealing gasket.

Automatic Scrub Sinks

SURGICOIN Splash Proof sensor controlled Scrub Sink. Made of Fully Stainless Steel high finish 304 Grade, It comes with superior quality Adjustable faucets. The sensor can sense the slightest of movements and is preprogrammed with 1,3,6 and 10 mins scrub settings. It can be mounted on wall, a few inches above the ground, to keep the floor clean. A thermostat valve is provided to mix hot and cold water for Surgions’ comfort. In case of unavailability of power, it can also be used by Knee Press Action. available in Single / Double / Triple or more.

Surgical light with intensity controller

SURGICION Surgical light Single / Double dome for shadowless operating field. The light uses Multifaceted reflectors for better shadowless effect and performs Automatic Changeover to Reserve Bulb with indicator in case of main bulb failure. Extremely Bright light of up to 150,000 lux from each dome with CRI of 96. The light heads are made of ABS engineering plastic for thermal insulation and their ergonomic shape makes it laminar flow compatible. Unique arms design gives extreme mobility with 360° movement.

Electric Operating Table

SURGICOIN General surgery operating table with five electrically operated movements viz.. Height, Backrest, Trendelenburg / Reverse, Lateral tilt and Top slide. Removable multi sectional mattress with radiolucent top. Single action braking system for stationary positions. All stainless steel accessories and heavy base of made of SS plate.

Clear Floor Area

We can most of the Equipments from the ground to clear the floor area for a hassle free and wire free space. The OT floor and equipment can be maintained better in such a configuration. Draw it close when is use, else shove it away. It creates an environment less clumsy and less crowded. It offers a lot of space for different types of equipments because of its design eg. IV stands, Syringe / Infusion pumps, Monitors on the vertical support bars, Defibrillators, Cautery, Endoscopes, Light source on the shelves, Drawer to store the urgent spares or accessories. Multiple power connections and suitable gas connections along with 300° swivel movement are some of the standard features.